Unlawful Entry

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UNLAWFUL ENTRY carves its own nervy piece out of the headline-fueled thriller meme that says we ought to be afraid of everyone. In this case, it’s not a nanny, stepdad, tenant, room-mate or one-night stand to worry about: it’s the cops.

Where there is no law, there is..what?..well, Charles Bronson or Liam Neeson, I guess…but here Law (Fear) is Los Angeles policeman Ray Liotta, checking up on Kurt Russell and Madeleine Stowe after a frightening burglary.  Ray carries ‘To Protect And Serve’ just a bit beyond regulations. The ground covered is familiar, but it’s done here with some impact, and is keyed by excellent performances. If Liotta wasn’t scary enough for you in Something Wild, then watch this in the dark.

Violent 1992 movie sprints 111 minutes and was directed by Jonathan Kaplan. Well-reviewed and successful at the box-office ($57,000,000 against a cost of $22,000,000), it co-stars Roger E. Mosley, Ken Lerner and Deborah Offner, with Djimon Hounsou in a bit part.unlawful-entry_04


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