All Through The Night

Poster - All Through the Night_06ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT  is enjoyable 1941 nonsense, designed to buck-up spirits for the coming bloodbath. It has Broadway gambler ‘Gloves Donahue’ (Humphrey Bogart) and his mush-hearted hood cronies stumbling onto a Nazi spy ring operating in The Big Apple. Those slimy ‘Heinies’ are played by Conrad Veidt, Peter Lorre and Judith Anderson—all of them good and hissable. Among those fighting for Democracy are a 25-year old Jackie Gleason and a 29-year old Phil Silvers.


Guess which side he’s on?

It’s too long at 107 minutes, but as directed by Vincent Sherman, there is enough sleuthing, villainy, sentiment, double-talk and comedy in here to get a smile one way or another, unless you’re just a total sourpuss.


Jackie Gleason

It came in on a tailwind at #67 for the year, which was breakout time for Bogart,as the 42-year-old star hit homers with High Sierra and The Maltese Falcon. On the heels of ‘Falcon‘, this was the second of five Bogart-Lorre teamups, followed by Casablanca, Passage To Marseille and Beat The Devil.

With Kaaren Verne, Jane Darwell, William Demarest, Frank McHugh, Martin Kosleck, Barton MacLane and Wallace Ford.


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