SERIAL still provides a lot of laughs, even though it’s ‘contemporary’ from 1980, which may as well be Ancient Egypt to anyone who can’t remember how Heavy, Real, Intense, & Open certain segments of affluent America used to be, especially if it could get them laid.

You-ness. Me-ness. Us-ness. We-ness.”


Cyra McFadden published a novel in 1977, “The Serial: A Year In The Life Of Marin County”, and a few years down the therapy & hot-tub drain Bill Persky directed this 90-minute adaptation. It did a decent $9,900,000 worth of healing vibes at the boxoffice, and has great fun at the expense of the self-involved, their “dues”, “issues”, “auras” and “nesses”.


‘Harvey Holroyd’ (Martin Mull, a great choice) is fed up with his wife’s, daughter’s and friends endless round of enlightenment balderdash. Be sure to watch this while sitting on a crystal, chanting at an ‘organic’ yam, letting it know you’re grateful for losing the keys to the Volvo.


With Tuesday Weld (bright and beautiful), Sally Kellerman (nailing it to the Most Highest Tee), Jennifer McAllister, Anthony Battaglia (‘Stokely’, Harvey’s angry son), Nita Talbot, Bill Macy, Peter Bonerz, Christopher Lee (“We’re bad dudes, Holroyd“) and Tommy Smothers. Strive to to get past the atrocious (and seemingly endless) theme tune that starts it off: it will challenge your chi.



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