Paradise Hawaiian Style

PARADISE HAWAIIAN STYLE has Elvis zombie a path through the Aloha State in a pathetic 1966 snore.  If you can stay awake for more than 20 of its 91 too-dull-to-be-even-dopey minutes you might get nostalgic for his earlier 50th-State travelogues, Blue Hawaii and Girls!Girls!Girls!

Even sexy Irene Tsu can’t elevate Elvis this time. Meanwhile, James Shigeta considers hara-kiri.

Here he’s a helicopter pilot (racing car jobs apparently in a slump) trying to get gigs lined up with buddy James Shigeta (his brief leading man stint having passed).  The alluring Irene Tsu shows up briefly.  Paul Mavis, in reviewing for DVD Talk, suggests that by his wan appearance and unsteady bearing  Elv may have been, well, lets say ‘medicated’–which would not be hard to understand after he’d seen the script. The ten lame songs—lowlighted by “Queenie Wahines Papaya”– don’t exactly echo down the canyons of fame.
To show how out of sync this film was in its own time, within a week of its June 15 release, James Meredith was shot in Mississippi, Janis Joplin gave her first concert with Big Brother & the Holding Company, and fourteen U.S. marines died on a place designated Hill 488 over in Vietnam.

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