Love on a Pillow


LOVE ON A PILLOW  is a 1962 French drama (hold nose) with the delectable Brigitte Bardot (hold pulse)  once more under the guidance (spell? thumb? boot?)of writer/director/husband Roger Vadim (hold gorge).

The divine BB plays a well-off Parisian who comes under the influence of a complete jerk, played with one expression by Robert Hossein.


This movie has its passionate adherents, but then so does Sean Hannity. Apart from some lip-smacking close-ups of Brigitte’s perfect lips, eyes–heck, perfect everything, and some wake-up! shots of peekaboo nudity, it’s a chore. Awful scripting, the unpleasantness of the Hossein character, along with the where-is-it-exactly? appeal this punk supposedly ignites makes getting through 102 minutes of half-baked fill-in-the-emptiness a ticking trial except for looking at Bardot, ravishing at 28.


I adore BB, but those who admire this bleak Vadim wallow can keep it.  With James Robertson Justice.


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