Les Femmes (The Vixen)


What were you saying about crackers?

LES FEMMES (THE VIXEN) is a ‘with-it’ French sex-comedy from 1969, worth a look only for more peeking at Brigitte Bardot, who gives the slight effort her usual charm.  She plays a sex-retary to a womanizing cad, a blocked writer who spends the film recalling his many conquests and discards.

Pretty model-actresses appear, shed clothes and move on for the next, while Maurice Ronet does what he can with his unlikable character.  The ‘happening’ music score doesn’t help.  Film runs out of gas about halfway to its 86th-minute fin, and before Brigitte bares some of her famed derriere just to further frustrate those who hoped for something…profound.

Directed by Jean Aurel, the movie’s high points, aside from just watching BB wear a miniskirt, smile a lot and generally twinkle, come during the credit sequences at the beginning and end, which feature her mouth in enormous closeup, heaven-perfect lips parted in a glistening pout.  Watch the credits and you will never again second-guess the wisdom of the Normandy invasion.


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