Kill the Messenger


KILL THE MESSENGER is exactly the kind of story citizens should see, which of course means that hardly any did.  Journalist Gary Webb courageously broke the story of the CIA conspiring to smuggle crack cocaine into America in order to finance Reagan’s brutal Contras in their “freedom fighting” against the elected government of Nicaragua.


If you’re looking for enemies of freedom, you don’t need a telescopic site. Just remove the blindfold.

Thanks, Ollie North, you lying, treasonous bastard, and hats off to all the Bushes & Clintons, senators & bankers, agents & lesser scum who helped further erode the fabric of the country you’re sworn to protect.  And then… there’s The Mainstream Press–guarding ‘truth’ on our behalf, with about as much fidelity as a Managua streetwalker.

This 2014 blood-pressure gauge was directed by Michael Cuesta and gives the great Jeremy Renner another bone-deep portrayal to add to his gathering gallery.  Excellent support from Rosemarie DeWitt, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ray Liotta, Oliver Platt, Barry Pepper, Andy Garcia, Paz Vega, Michael Sheen, Richard Schiff, Robert Patrick and Michael K.Williams.


The movie’s grosses didn’t even cover half its modest budget;  it got limited release and lukewarm reviews.  There are reasons behind all that that have nothing to do with the films quality, and everything to do with its story.  While this messenger delivered not even three million at the box-office, brainwashed ‘patriots’ charged from the safety of their Foxholes to gush out hundreds of millions, lapping up the bloody spew of American Sniper.  Chant “USA!” all you want, Joe & Judy Dupe  but if you really want an American Hero, how about one that didn’t zero in on women, kids and whoever he got the itch for, but instead that fixed his sites on the Entire U.S.Government and its presstitute whores–and did it alone.  Too bad he was telling the truth: bummer.  Gary Webb’s gut-level integrity blows Chris Kyle’s stomach-turning psychosis to red, white and blue smithereens.


Careful what you wish for….

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