The Slime People


Come back to my apartment in the sewer. Cold, wet, stinky–but the wifi is free

THE SLIME PEOPLE—–some movies just stick to you. I saw this 1963 piece-of-slime back at an impressionable age (a time when you could be impressed by slime) and for years after I thought ‘there must something wrong with Los Angeles’.  A strange “solidified fog” (ice? never mind) has spawned a race of monsters (well, eight-stuntmen-in-slime-suits-worth) that, using only spears, have fought off the Army (what the hell do they do with that military budget? waste it?) and are decimating the populace.


A movement from the bowels

6a00d83451d04569e201a73dec67df970d-500wiIf anybody’s listening, this is no joke!” Filmed in a week and a half, for $80,000, directed by Robert Hutton, who stars along with the worried looking Les Tremayne (who carries a goat), Robert Burton (who carries his own weight) and Susan Hart (who carries a chassis). “Now look, we’ve got to find their trail. Footprint, slime, anything.”   The producer and associate producer play two drunken bums. Really, the monsters don’t look all that bad, considering the budget, but the script, acting, direction, and, uh—every other aspect of the film-making process are pretty awful. Therefore actually crummy enough to be fun. 76 minutes.


When I say ‘Action!’, look frightened and disgusted



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